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Microsoft Calling Plans Now Available for Office 365 Users

Microsoft Office 365 calling plan – Microsoft office 365 calling plans are initiated to change the definition of calling and managing the business calls. There are a lot more features for the exposure to calling with the Microsoft Office 365 calling plan. Nothing is finest than having a systematic call arrangement to deal with the business and run it appropriately. Also, with the help of the phone system, your users can operate Skype for business online and Microsoft team will take care of the basic call tasks such as incoming, outgoing, muting and unmuting, and transferring calls. Type of plans: Domestic and International.

Microsoft Office 365 calling plan

Microsoft Office 365 calling plan

Phone System Services

The exposure to Microsoft Office 365 calling plan is wider, there are much more services that it offers and those follows:

Auto attendant: It is basically to use to make the menu system for your company. This allows the internal and external callers direct to the menu system and place/transfer the call to company user or to the unit of your organization.

Call queue: With this feature, you are opening up the door for making automatic greetings. This feature allows the automatic call-on-hold when someone places a call to your organization’s number. Apart from that, it finds the next agent who would be available to take the queries.

Voicemail: The licensed user will get the voicemails by the callers and this feature is no doubt a flawless one. This enables them to save time and help to provide quick customer services.

Features Of Microsoft Calling System

Business Phone

Just like the regular phone, an ease of calling takes place with the Microsoft Office 365 calling plan. The calling you expect from the traditional phone is now served in this phone system. A level of comfort is offered by the phone system by Microsoft.

Manage Services

It is actually a tool which relaxes a lot of businesses and permits the smooth functioning without any hurdles. Furthermore, focus on the strategies to achieve the goals are maintained. Time-saving is another aspect which is performed. For a broader vision of information, visit

Customized Administrator

The key focus of this service portioned feature manages the numbers of the users and manage the contact list accordingly. No botheration and confusion will be the hurdle for your organization. Adopting Microsoft calling is not just a tool, it’s an opportunity for the businesses to expand arms.

Instant And Quick connectivity

With the admin portal, quick and instant connectivity is enabled. Increase the credibility and show your customers that you care about them. Also, it helps to maintain the relationship with the clients when it comes to the quick connectivity.

Flexibility Of Device

When it comes to the connectivity, flexibility is something that actually helps. With the help, it, calls from any device can be done includes the Mac, system, Room system, mobile phones, PC, and many more. Furthermore, is the choice to be made for the wider vision of the information.

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